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Being enrolled in the BRHF program gives families the opportunity to access resources and support from the comfort of their home but also gives families a chance to network within their community of parents.  The program is free and offers exciting support benefits through our Bridging the G.A.P. plan.

If you are expecting a child or have recently delivered a baby you may qualify for BRHF services.

Until your baby is three years of age.

  • To support a healthy pregnancy and delivery
  • To provide support throughout the parenting/caregiving process.
  • To strengthen positive parent/child interactions
  • To facilitate healthy child growth and development
  • Child development and parenting education
  • Car seat safety and instruction
  • Help with especially difficult areas of parenting (e.g. potty training, teething, etc.)
  • Free classes and networking opportunities
  • Transportation assistance
  • Crisis intervention
  • Skill development
  • Resource and referral linkage
  • Support items through the Bridging the G.A.P. plan

“Everyone in my family has benefited from the program”

“I wish I had joined sooner”

“I would recommend the program to every parent”

“It is really nice to have someone to talk to and I really love the program”

“I enjoy our visits. I am learning a lot of information that I did not know, especially about breastfeeding”