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Please read through our frequently asked questions as our process may have changed.

How do I refer someone to BRHF?

You can either download the referral/screen forms (here) and fax to 828-682-7978 or email Katie Bennett.

Is everyone referred to the program accepted for services?

While we try to serve all families that are referred to the program there are times when there are no available service slots OR times when after reviewing the referral we find that families are outside our eligibility requirements. Regardless, we will always attempt to contact a referred family and guide them to other available and appropriate services.

How will I know if someone I referred is in the program?

You will be contacted at each stage of the referral process as to the status of the referral.  We will contact you at the time the initial referral is received and then again at appropriate intervals until a family is either enrolled, declines or is no longer eligible.

Do I have to be a doctor or clinician to refer?

Absolutely not! We accept referrals from all persons and agencies.